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:.Amarío.: Their Love Affair & Crossing Blades

Let Our Swords Whisper (Te amo)

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A Vista X Mihawk Community

Their Story Is Ours To Create.

Alternatively, if you're not one to create, this is the place to lounge about if you'd like to indulge in some mandatory fangirling of these two lovely gentlemen and their fantastic sword-play.

So, welcome to the Vista/Mihawk (Mihawk/Vista) community, darlings. This is where we offer up fanworks of worship or participate in adoringly incoherent generally sensible discussions involving Vista (Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates Fifth Division) and Juracule Mihawk (Shichibukai and the Greatest Swordsman in the World).

As much as we support piracy and the general ruckus Oda's pirates seem to cause, there are ground rules that we need to set, hey? Here, have at them:

1. All posts are to revolve most adoringly around Vista/Mihawk, either as individuals, or as a pairing. It matters not if you're discussing their dynamics, posting fanart or fanfiction. IT'S ALL ABOUT THEM, BABY. So, keep your posts on topic, or I'll punt you off to the other comms, all right?
2. Do use an lj-cut for all spoilers/large images/fanfiction/fanart/what-have-you.
3. Please do not use this comm for selling merchandise. I'm pretty sure we have other comms for that (such as one_piece). Do leave us be with all our spanish-themed romancing, sword-speak and hot moustaches.
4. Warnings should be included where they are needed. For instance: explicit sex, graphic violence, non-con etc.
5. Tagging is not necessary, but would be nice. (AND CONVENIENT IF YOU WANT STRANGERS/LURKERS TO FIND YOUR STUFF AND JOIN IN THE LOVE.) The same goes for entering a subject in each entry.
6. No trolling~ ♥ Or the comm in general is given much permission to make your stay most uncomfortable.

Memories are sorted by user and Tags by general categories. Do use them when you post! Tags are moderated and will be added/deleted wherever appropriate.

All that said, anything and everything is welcomed. General insanity, overzealous fangirling, posting of all sorts of related nonsense is encouraged. This comm is a family above all else, so be nice and just relax and feed on the fodder. Cheers!

Fellow-partners-in-crime-founders: catiprojectc & ukiiukii

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"flower swords" vista, capes, double blades, double entendre, fancy hats, fancy moustaches, fancy shirts, juracule "hawk eyes" mihawk, juracule mihawk, mihawk, one piece, shichibukai, spanish buttsecks, sword flamenco, sword innuendo, ust, vista, we are sekritly spanish, whitebeard pirates